Norwegian Fund


(Project number: 2032056)

The objective of the project was to assist in carrying out the first phase on the development of EU conform management of animal by-products in Hungary. In the framework of the first phase of the project the environmental audit of three existing animal by-product processing plants (Solt, Debrecen and Mátyásdomb) and a feasibility study were prepared. In addition to the assessment of the Hungarian conditions and opportunities the European treatment practice of Category 1 animal by-products were described (Norway, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom), and the possibilities of the applications of the best available techniques (BAT) and the potential waste incineration technologies and their usability were examined. During the work the environmental protection, legal and economic aspects were taken into consideration, and the potential development options were determined based on them.

Based on the information and data gathered and the environmental audit of the existing protein processing plants a feasibility study was made which examines the implementation of two different incineration systems in two different locations (Solt and Mátyásdomb). This study lists the advantages and disadvantages of the alternatives and provides fundamental information to make decisions and determine future developments.

The feasibility study prepared is suitable to examine the alternatives in details and to compare them from environmental and economic point of view as well. The study prepared provides detailed and correct information for making further decisions and it can be used to participate in a possible application for funding.

In 2005 the company applied for further funds from the Norwegian Government, but it was not available because of the changed conditions.

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