International relation


EFPRA has 35 members in 26 European countries. The EFPRA represents about 300 companies (500 factories) which all together process nearly 2,7 million tonnes of animal fats and animal by-products on a yearly basis and employ about 14,000 people.

EFPRA’s President is Mr Sjors Beerendonk (NL), the two Vice-Presidents are  Mr Robert Figgener (DK) and Mr Alberto Grosso (IT). The Secretary General of EFPRA is Mr Dirk Dobbelaere and EFPRA’s Technical Director is Dr. Martin Alm.

EFPRA’s permanent administrative and executive bodies are the Executive Board, the Council and the Standing Technical Committee.

Hungary is represented via ATEV Zrt by Katalin Mázik Council Member and Mrs Eszter Németh-Zentai Committee Member.


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